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Cuviello specializes in processing concrete and terrazzo surfaces to a polished finish using a proprietary system that encompasses industrial diamond abrasives, large industrial equipment and scientific testing equipment (metrology measurement and distinction of image meters) to quantify the finished floor.

By using scientific equipment to quantify results, the subjective nature of the concrete polishing process is eliminated. Owners can be assured they are receiving what they are paying for and be guaranteed a floor with high aesthetics and superior durability.

Ask about our exclusive 7-year warranty on our highly refined polished finishes.

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Upon request, we will come to your office and provide you with a presentation on the technicalities of the polishing process.

Cuviello Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing has extensive experience working with architects, designers, engineers, general contractors, facility/property manager and owners in the proper specification of a polished concrete or terrazzo finished surface.

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There is no other flooring option currently available that is as durable, has such low maintenance/life-cycle costs, can be renewed on site, and contributes a significant number of points towards earning LEED accreditation like a proprietary Cuviello polished surface.

The process of mechanical polishing with bonded diamond abrasives in many respects is very technical! In simple terms, two contractors can have the same equipment, abrasives, supplies, etc. with the only variable being the rate at which the equipment is being moved across the surface in a linear motion - the results between the two contractors will be different.

Both of the floors below were polished to a 1500 grit. The lack of clarity of the floor on the left is the result of a polishing process that was rushed.

Polished Floor APolished Floor B