Warranty & Maintenance

Exclusive 7-Year Warranty

If proper specified maintenance is followed on a qualified floor, there will be a seven year guarantee that the floor will not lose more than 15 points in gloss when measured on a calibrated gloss meter. In areas the floor loses more than 15 points, the floors will be brought back up to original gloss.

This warranty does not cover zinc strips, due to the soft nature of zinc.

The Cuviello proprietary polishing process results in a low maintenance, low cost, highly durable, abrasion resistant surface that eliminates the need for waxes, sealers, finishes and coatings. Our polished surfaces do not require expensive refurbishment and maintenance OR the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. Associated costs with stripping, top scrubbing, refinishing and deep cleaning are eliminated. The result is a beautiful, durable and efficient surface.

This proprietary polishing system results in a surface that does not go through frequent rollercoaster deep cleaning or restoration cycles like other flooring. Various flooring materials will look great when first deep cleaned or restored. As they receive wear, their appearance slowly degrades, even when frequently maintained. Not until they are deep cleaned or refinished do they look great again.

Cuviello offers a comprehensive maintenance plan with each individual job performed and can supply all chemicals, equipment and supplies needed to maintain the polished surface.


  1. Use 3M Entrance Matting program.
  2. Sweep exterior of all entrances.
  3. Vacuum all entrance matting.
  4. Remove dry debris with a backpack vacuum cleaner or a high quality dry microfiber mop system.
  5. For wet removal of soil:
  6. As needed, burnish with a speed not less than 1500 RPM and the Green Endurance Pro Polishing Pad system.
  7. Clean all equipment and tools with fresh water.


Maintenance requirements and frequency will be dictated by the amount and type of traffic the floor is exposed to and the quality, maintenance and proper placement of entrance matting, weather, and types of ice and snow melt used. Different areas of the building will require more and less maintenance from one another based on the traffic it is exposed to.

If the floor is not properly maintained, the use of a more aggressive Green Endurance Maintenance Pad followed by a less aggressive Green Endurance Maintenance Pad may be required.